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Headworks and Grit Removal Improvements

Project Description

This project is being implemented to implement the recommendation of a condition assessment (CA) of major equipment that was performed in the ECRWRF. The CA concluded the headworks and grit removal equipment has reached its useful life and be replaced with new equipment to improve treatment quality and reduce maintenance cost. Project includes replacement of influent flow meters, influent screens and grit removal system equipment at the plant including related civil, structural, electrical, and instrumentation and control improvements.

Influent flow metering at the ECRWRF is currently accomplished with insertion type ultrasonic flow meters and venturi meters in each of the three influent force mains to the plant. The existing meters will be replaced with highly accurate new Venturi meters to improve the accuracy of flow measurement. Existing influent screens are nearing the end of their useful lives. Under this project, the existing screens and grit removal equipment will be replaced with center-feed perforated plate band screens with integral washer/compactor units that will capture more of the debris entering the plant, thereby reducing the potential for rag formation resulting in improved treatment process performance and reduced maintenance costs.

ECRWRF is a 70-mgd activated sludge secondary treatment plant in the West Palm Beach, Florida that serves the Cities of West Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Riviera Beach; the Town of Palm Beach, and the northern half of Palm Beach County.  City of West Palm Beach is the operating entity.


The project is currently under design which is expected to be completed in Summer/Fall of 2016. Construction is anticipated to start in January 2017 and will take approximately 18 months to complete.

Project Cost

Estimated cost of construction is $8.7 million.


City of West Palm Beach Public Utilities
Project Manager: Matthew Schultz

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