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Historic Chemical Building Relocation in the Water Treatment Plant

Project Description

This project entails the relocation of the Historic Chemical Building located within the water treatment plant. It was the City’s intent to retain this historic building in its current place due to its historical significance; however, as the design of the UV Light Disinfection Treatment project progressed, it became clear that this historic building will need to be relocated to maintain safe and uninterrupted operation of the plant during and after the construction of the UV disinfection treatment system project. The City is proposing to move and relocate the building to the main entrance on Australian Avenue so that it can continue to represent the proud history of our plant and be enjoyed by future generations. The building is approximately 330 square feet and is listed on the historic register. It is wood frame and stucco, with a barrel tile hip roof. The building will be relocated within the water treatment plant. Click here to see the proposed relocation renderings.


The relocation of the building is expected to be completed by September 2018 and will take approximately thirty (30) days to complete.

Project Cost

Estimated cost of relocation and associated construction is $300,000.

Community Meetings

  • The project was approved by the Historic Preservation Board on April 12, 2016.
  • The project was approved by the City Commission on March 14, 2016.


City of West Palm Beach Public Utilities
Project Manager:  Luis L. Perez

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