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Process Water System Evaluation

Project Description

The project entails evaluation of the existing and future process water demands at the ECRWRF. Specifically, this project will identify and evaluate viable alternatives to produce and deliver process water at the required water quality, system delivery rates and pressures to each of the specific process water point uses. The project scope includes quantifying the current daily usage and instantaneous delivery flow rates required for the existing treatment process units, including general plant wash down, septage receiving station wash down, secondary clarifier spray systems, pump seal water, belt filter press wash water systems and other miscellaneous uses. The alternative evaluation will also consider the future process water system demands associated with the proposed biosolids treatment and dewatering systems project, as well as the headworks screening replacement project. The evaluation will also include a review of the available treatment and delivery options and provides recommendations related to the quality of process water required for the specific uses.

This project will result in a report that will provide a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative and a net present value analysis of the capital, operating and maintenance costs associated with implementation of each of the alternatives identified. Based on the recommendations of this report, the ECRWRF Board will select the option to be implemented.

ECRWRF is a 70-mgd activated sludge secondary treatment plant in the West Palm Beach, Florida that serves the Cities of West Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Riviera Beach, the Town of Palm Beach, and the northern half of Palm Beach County. City of West Palm Beach is the operating entity.


The final report is expected to be completed in May 2016. The project design will begin immediately thereafter and is expected to take nine (9) month. The project is anticipated to be completed in the first quarter of 2018.

Project Cost

Estimated cost of construction is $6.5 million.


City of West Palm Beach Public Utilities
Project Manager: Matthew Schultz

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