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Stormwater Master Plan

Project Description

The City committed to a vision for its stormwater program through the development  of a holistic Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP). The SWMP is the first holistic stormwater plan in South Florida that will not only include traditional development of capital improvement projects but will also be driven by the City’s vision to proactively modernize and adjust to the new realities of stormwater management in our integrated and complex watersheds. The SWMP leverages the best of traditional technologies but also integrates the use of resiliency planning and catered technologies to better prepare the City for future conditions.  Some of these technologies include green infrastructure and low impact development, as well as modernized methods to better manage hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality throughout the City. The project also directly benefits residents and business owners through an active program to better manage ever-growing flood insurance premiums.  It is expected that the City’s residents will save approximately $6 million in flood insurance premiums (annually) from the work completed under the project. 

Project Highlights

  • Active engagement of City Citizen’s Committees and stakeholders to obtain feedback throughout the project.
  • Preparation for the 2016 Cycle Visit to further reduce flood insurance premiums throughout the City.
  • Modernization of the City’s stormwater technologies – from base data to detailed models.
  • Creation of a floodplain mapping program for the City to further assess and manage flood risk.
  • Study, assessment, and planning for sea level rise and climate change impacts to the City.
  • Continued assessment and abatement of flooding throughout the City for both routine and significant storm events.
  • Study, assessment, and implementation of emerging stormwater technologies, including the furthered and strategic use of green infrastructure and low impact development.
  • A thorough assessment of the City’s Code and Regulations to both modernize and streamline.
  • An overhaul of the City’s approach to water quality, including proactive assessment of pollutant loads and upcoming regulations.


Tracy Ward PE
Project Engineer / Engineering Department
City of West Palm Beach


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