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West Palm Beach is celebrating today as we recognize their great achievement

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CALENDAR LISTING: Mayor James to Deliver 2020 State of the City Address

Mayor James will deliver the 2020 State of the City Address at the January Breakfast of the Chamber of The Palm Beaches.

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Wastewater Collection

Wastewater Collection is a division of Public Utilities that provides the maintenance and collection of wastewater in the city’s wastewater collection system. The City of West Palm Beach has approximately 100,000 residents in which we provide service. It is the largest and most populous city in Palm Beach County. The Sanitary Sewer infrastructure is a series of underground pipes that enables the City of West Palm Beach to collect sewage discharge from everyone. The underground pipes route wastewater to the East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility for treatment. Currently, the City’s wastewater facility is capable of treating 64 million gallons of wastewater and the Sanitary Sewer Collection Division maintains approximately 100 miles of pressurized sanitary sewer force mains and approximately 400 miles of gravity sanitary sewer mains.

The division works day and night, including weekends and holidays, to provide wastewater services and protection to the City of West Palm Beach. The employees of the Sanitary Sewer Collection Division are trained in many disciplines of operation and maintenance of a wastewater collection system infrastructure as well as public health and safety. The majority of the Division at minimum has obtained their Wastewater Collection “C” License through the State of Florida; in the near future all employees will be required to receive a Wastewater Collection Licensure. Also, most of the Division has a CDL License in order to operate heavy equipment and vehicles. Sanitary Sewer Collection employees keep up to date on educational trainings and always put safety first. The Wastewater Collection Division is made up of three sections providing emergency response, preventive, and corrective maintenance. It is the balance of these sections that supports the City’s Sanitary Sewer Collection system.

Regulatory Requirements

All users of the Sanitary Sewer must comply with the requirements of the City Sewer Use Ordinance Chapter 90 Utilities. These provisions meet state/federal guidelines and include pretreatment requirements. The ordinance provides the necessary information in regard to connections, fees and charges, user requirements and industrial discharges. Tampering with the city wastewater collection system is a violation of local ordinances and state/federal statutes.