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Share Your Story!

What efforts do you make to live sustainably? Have you helped to minimize the environmental impact of your life, your home or your workplace? Do you have suggestions for others about what they can do?
Submit your story using the form at right or send us a short video (3 minutes or less) via email and we’ll post them here so others can benefit from your experience!

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Sustainability Stories


My son was always very interested in checking out the green kits at the library,…and he decided to do his science project related to it .The title for his project was ” Making my House Green” and he wrote under Purpose- “is going to be a gift to my family and help to save the earth “. I felt a lot for those words. As part of the project we changed all the light bulbs… and we are going to save about $30.00 in a monthly bill! He installed the 5min shower timer from the kit to help us save water! Thanks to my son’s interest in making our house greener and your green packages at the library, we can help promote the Sustainability Kits in our community. ~Helena

We took advantage of the free rain barrel that the city was giving away & were so impressed with the presentation & how quickly that first barrel filled up that we bought 3 more & chained them together. ~Heidi

I am writing my paper about environmental issues and energy efficiency housing, and as I was doing my research I came across your site.I loved reading your article on wpb.org/sustainability/2010/09/09/sustainable-links/ – it gave me a lot of information about the topic that I am writing. ~Jenny

My name is Arianna and I’m a science teacher for some lovely students out in Northern California. I hope I’m not a bother, but I just wanted take the time to send you a quick thank you note on behalf of my class for providing the resources on your web page (http://wpb.org/sustainability/links/). My students justcompleted a project to learn about the importance of sustainability in and out of the house and your page was a great reference for them, so thank you! ~Arianna

I’m a northend resident, and through projects such as weatherization (insulation, sealing windows, blocking sun from windows), changing to CFL bulbs, using Energy Star appliances, and upgrading our central air, we have cut our electric bill well over half what it used to be. Our summer electric bill used to be over $200, last summer it averaged about $80. Our first winter electric bill was $48, it used to be just over $100. Now, we want to cut our City water bill and have replaced our old toilet with a 1.28 gallon toilet. Next, we purchased one 50 gallon rain barrel, and with one big rainfall, the rain barrel was full and was overflowing. Seeing that, we purchased a couple of two hundred gallon cisterns to catch more rain water from the roof. We discovered that from the 50 gallon rain barrel alone, we can do two loads of laundry. Using some of the rain water for watering, our landscaping looks much healthier. Healthy plants and grass are very important as we notice that the rain water doesn’t run off into the sewer as much as it used to. Our next project will be to capture as much of the “grey water” (from the shower and sinks) to one of the cisterns as we can. ~Joe