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West Palm Beach is celebrating today as we recognize their great achievement

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CALENDAR LISTING: Mayor James to Deliver 2020 State of the City Address

Mayor James will deliver the 2020 State of the City Address at the January Breakfast of the Chamber of The Palm Beaches.

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Better Than Bottled: WPB Mayor Encourages Residents to Choose Tap Water Over Bottled Water
Mayor Credits GWP, Infrastructure Investments with City’s Superior Water Quality
WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (April 30, 2019): Citing the convenience, taste and quality of the City’s drinking water, West Palm Beach Mayor Keith A. James and the City of West Palm Beach encourage water customers to drink the City’s better-than-bottled, award-winning water from the tap. The advantages of drinking the City’s tap water are many including its: 
  • Taste: West Palm Beach’s water has placed 1st and 2nd place for Best Tasting Drinking Water in regional competitions hosted by the American Water Works Association.
  • Purity: The City’s drinking water goes through the world’s most technologically advanced system science has to offer. The City’s new UV water treatment system, one of the best in the country, uses a cutting-edge ultraviolet light system to remove 99.999% of microbial pathogens in water.
  • Convenience: Reach for the tap, turn, and drink!
  • Cost-savings: Americans spend over $12-billion a year on bottled water, and consumers—on average-- spend 300 times the cost of tap water to drink bottled water, according to the American Water Works Association.
  • Eco-friendliness: 80% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills.
In addition to the City’s state-of-the-art UV water treatment plant, Mayor and the City credit the City’s superior water to Grassy Waters Preserve, a 24-square mile pristine remnant of the Everglades which also serves as the City’s surface water catchment. Miles of sophisticated infrastructure capture the freshwater for conversion into drinking water at the City of West Palm Beach Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

The City’s WTP, with a capacity to produce 47-million gallons of drinking water per day, serves customers in West Palm Beach, Town of Palm Beach, and Town of South Palm Beach. The plant is licensed to operate under specific guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Florida. The plant is operated by Florida-licensed water plant operators.

“From protecting Grassy Waters Preserve to investing in water infrastructure, these actions ensure our residents and water customers have access to the best drinking water around,” said Mayor Keith A. James. “We continue to strengthen our community to be a healthy, resilient, and safe place for residents and businesses by protecting water quality and availability.”

“Municipal tap water is generally better than bottled water, because it’s tested so extensively,” said City of West Palm Beach Public Utilities Director Poonam Kallkat. “The City of West Palm Beach drinking water has won numerous awards for its quality and taste. It is cheaper than bottled water, so it will save you money. Additionally, choosing tap water over bottled water is the right thing to do for the environment.”

The City of West Palm Beach has committed to reducing its consumption of bottled water by encouraging employees to choose tap water, instead. Schools are also realizing the health and costs benefits of tap water, choosing no longer to purchase bottled water with school funds.
The City of West Palm Beach will launch an information campaign to highlight the benefits of drinking tap water beginning on Monday, May 6, 2019 in concert with the nationally observed ‘Drinking Water Week’ which encourages people to learn more about the source of their drinking water and why its protection is critical to our health.