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Here is a list of some of the activities coming to Mandel Public Library during the month of October.

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Provided is a summary of some of the approvals and decisions made by the City Commission during a recent meeting.
The City Commission approved a Community Redevelopment Agency Resolution, No. 18-31, granting interlocal project funding between the City of West Palm Beach and the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency for the Tamarind Avenue Streetscape. The project will augment the available pedestrian crossings and connections along Tamarind Avenue. The improvements, which have been under development since 2014, will involve both the City and the CRA working together on the design and construction of the Streetscape. In accordance with the City’s “Right of Way” policy, the City will spearhead construction of the Streetscape projects, while the interlocal agreement also stipulates that the CRA funds the project’s construction fees.
The City Commission approved Resolution No. 162-18, granting up to $250,000 in financial support from the City to Gulfstream Goodwill Industries for the construction of six multi-family rental housing units in the Coleman Park area. The project is being facilitated by the City in the form of land donations, as well as additional program funds from the County, and grants from the Quantum Foundation. Additionally, the City will contribute $250,000 in construction costs in the form of a loan, made available by the City’s Housing Trust Fund and/or the State Housing Initiative Program.
The City Commission approved Resolution No. 209-18, which honors 50 years of Home Rule in the Florida State Constitution, and brings forth an educational initiative to explain Home Rule significance to the community. On November 5th, 1968, voters initiated Home Rule in to the Florida Constitution, which permits each city, village, and town in the state of Florida to remove, revise, or enact its own laws with the need to attain legislative permission from the state. The Home Rule law has instilled an air of independence into the City of West Palm Beach, allowing a tradition of local decision-making to develop. Upon the 50th anniversary of this law, the City of West Palm Beach wishes to continue this tradition, and to further educate residents of the City about local laws, and the advantages of Home Rule.
The City Commission approved Resolution No. 199-18, establishing an agreement with the Norton Museum to develop and maintain an “Artist Walk”.  The “Artist Walk” is set to be located on the North right of way of Cranesnest Way between Dixie Highway and Olive Avenue, and will honor female artists through engravings of their names within the sidewalk. The Norton Museum, which owns all of the properties along the north side of Cranesnest Way between North Olive and North Dixie Highway, holds rights to the property along Cranesnest Way near the museum. As such, the Norton Museum will be accountable for maintaining the sidewalks and engravings.
The City Commission approved Resolution No. 160-18, which approves the commencement of the City’s “Face of the City” improvements. The project, which is connected with the Datura Green Streets Initiative project, will involve above-ground improvements on Datura Street, Clematis Street buildings, and Rosemary Avenue. The project will remove one of the three tree islands in the north on-street parking areas of Datura Street, and will improve the pavement, curbs, and gutters in the area. The project will also involve the development of a trench drain for storm water runoff. Additionally, the project includes the production of a bioswale, an engineered depression or swale that is strategically planted to treat stormwater and pollutants. The bioswale will be located on Datura Street, and will treat stormwater, recharge aquifers, reduce heat island effects, and improve street aesthetics. The three-month project, which is considered as a low impact development, is part of the City’s Stormwater Master Plan and is set to commence in January of 2019.

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