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WPB Announces 2020 Schedule for Neighborhood Meetings with the Mayor

The City of West Palm Beach announces the dates for 2020 Neighborhood Meetings with Mayor Keith A. James.

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Hitting A Home Run for WPB: Project EverGreen and STMA Help Renovate Field at Howard Park


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City of West Palm Beach Invites Residents to Participate in the 2020 U.S. Census
The City of West Palm Beach encourages all residents to complete the 2020 census beginning March, 2020.
WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (November 26, 2019) -- Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts an official census to determine how many individuals are residing within the country and how to distribute the billions of dollars allocated to enhancing communities throughout the United States. As part of this campaign, the City of West Palm Beach encourages all residents to complete the 2020 census through any of the submission methods that will be available beginning in March of next year.
Data collected as part of the census creates a blueprint of sorts which helps Census Bureau officials determine the population rates in various regions. In order to estimate which portion of the $675 billion budget should be designated to individual cities, the bureau turns to the number of completed census surveys from that area.
For every resident who successfully completes their survey, a city secures $16,000. These funds are used to improve city infrastructure, expand medical assistance, support public housing initiatives, enhance roadways and public transportation programs, and many more vital aspects of everyday living. This means that for every person not counted, a city like West Palm Beach can lose up to $16,000 in federal funds each decade.
“City leaders work tirelessly to ensure that our citizens have the highest quality of life possible, and the upcoming census is the perfect opportunity for residents to contribute to the tremendous growth our city continues to experience,” said Mayor Keith A. James.
“For the first time in census history, you will be able to fill out the census questionnaire right from your computer or mobile device. By committing a few minutes of your time, you will help the City secure millions of dollars to help improve the quality of life for the community and for future generations as well.”
Between March 12-20, 2020, U.S. households will receive a mailed invitation to participate in the 2020 census. This can be either online through the provided URL or a paper questionnaire that will also be provided for a mailed return. If surveys are completed after this first round, you’ll receive no further communication. For households that need more time to complete the census, additional notifications will be mailed through the month of April before an in-person census taker arrives at your home.
For a detailed timeline of what materials will be sent regarding the 2020 census, visit https://wpb.org/About/Mayor-s-Page/Census-2020/Census-2020-English.
For additional information on how to complete the census, visit https://www.census.gov/library/visualizations/2019/comm/2020-everyone.html