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WPB Announces 2020 Schedule for Neighborhood Meetings with the Mayor

The City of West Palm Beach announces the dates for 2020 Neighborhood Meetings with Mayor Keith A. James.

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Hitting A Home Run for WPB: Project EverGreen and STMA Help Renovate Field at Howard Park


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City of West Palm Beach Ranks Among World’s Best for ‘Bold’ Climate Change Action
CWPB is one of only 43 Cities in World to Score an ‘A’ in CDP Ranking.
WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (June 3, 2019) – The City of West Palm Beach ranks among the world’s best for action on climate change. CDP, the non-profit environmental disclosure platform, released its first ever cities climate change ranking featuring 43 cities from across the globe—including the City of West Palm Beach—that are taking bold action to curb climate change.
625 cities worldwide—including 186 in North America—reported through CDP’s environmental disclosure platform in 2018 (of which 596 were scored). Each city was awarded an ‘A’ to ‘D-’ score based on how effectively they are managing, measuring and tackling greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate risks. Just 7% of cities—including the City of West Palm Beach—received an ‘A’ for climate leadership and action. To view the complete list, visit: https://www.cdp.net/en/cities/cities-scores.
“In West Palm Beach, we are focused on the future and committed to enhancing the viability of our city as a modern model of healthy, environmentally progressive, ecologically sustainable and resilient urban living,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Keith A. James “We are pleased to be a leader on climate action and making the A List is a great recognition of our work.”
Through the Office of Sustainability, the City has implemented strategies to reduce carbon emissions and improve resilience. The City has set a greenhouse gas reduction goal of net-zero by 2050 and a goal of converting to non-fossil fuel for applicable fleet vehicles by 2025.
“Our A List celebrates cities that are stepping up to act on climate change in their respective communities and beyond,” said Katie Walsh, Head of Cities, States and Regions at CDP North America. “The overwhelming representation of U.S. cities on this list is especially significant given the U.S. announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. U.S. cities represent a growing trend we have seen across the country, with alliances of states, cities and businesses—like We Are Still In—driving climate action. Environmental disclosure represents a crucial step on the path toward a low-carbon future, since cities cannot manage what they don’t measure.”
All A List cities demonstrate strong climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, in addition to consistent tracking of city emissions. The 2018 A List reflects cities that are working toward ambitious targets to cut emissions—13 cities worldwide including five in North America aim to be climate neutral or carbon neutral by 2050, including Boston, Indianapolis, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and West Palm Beach.
“The City of West Palm Beach partners with the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lessen climate change impacts, and conserve resources and money to protect and preserve our community,” said Penni Redford, City of West Palm Beach Resilience and Climate Change Manager. 
This is the first time CDP has released the A List cities in a bid to drive up ambition in the face of the growing urgency of the climate challenge. The latest climate science from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows the global economy needs to cut global emissions in half by 2030 and reach net zero emissions by 2050 to have a good chance of keeping global temperature within 1.5°C of warming.
Current action plans at the national and global level are not on track for a 1.5°C pathway and would result in 3°C of warming, according to research by Carbon Tracker. This means the contribution of cities is more important than ever. Cities are responsible for over 70% of the world’s energy-related carbon emissions, so could make or break efforts to tackle climate change.
Every year, hundreds of cities report their climate data through CDP’s environmental disclosure platform and gain data-driven insights into gaps and opportunities for climate policy-development, resource and risk management and signal projects in need of investment. In doing so they demonstrate ambition, transparency and good governance. All publicly disclosed data is made available for free public use on CDP’s Open Data Portal.
CDP is an international non-profit that drives companies and local and regional governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. Over 750 cities, states and regions disclosed data through CDP in 2018. This is in addition to the 7,000 companies who disclosed, making CDP’s platform one of the richest sources of information globally on how cities, subnational governments and companies are driving environmental change. For more information about CDP, please visit: https://cdp.net/cities.
The Sustainability Team is available to residents, community groups, and businesses as a resource for educational presentations/activities. For more information about the City of West Palm Beach’s climate strategy, the Office of Sustainability, and its community programs, please visit: http://wpb.org/Green or call (561) 804-4994.