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102 Vehicles Citywide ‘Red Tagged’ During Phase Two; Operation Targets Abandoned Vehicles through Aggressive WPBPD Enforcement
WEST PALM BEACH, FLA (October 17, 2019) – West Palm Beach Mayor Keith A. James announces a very successful launch of Neighborhoods First – Operation Clean Streets Phase Two. The initiative is designed to curb illegal dumping in our neighborhoods through education, enforcement and prevention.
Launched at a press conference on October 17, 2019, Phase Two of Operation Clean Streets involves the identification, tagging and removal of abandoned vehicles in our city. In the first few hours after the launch, the City’s illegal dumping task force ‘red tagged’ 102 vehicles citywide. ‘Red tagging’ is the act of giving a warning notice that a vehicle parked on a public street will be towed if it is not removed within three days. WPBPD towed 130 vehicles in 2018.
“Neighborhoods First - Operation Clean Streets is designed to improve the quality of life for all residents by prioritizing and then responding to neighborhood concerns,” said Mayor James. “By addressing illegal dumping, which includes abandoned vehicles, we are continuing to promote the health, safety and well-being of our residents and ensuring their neighborhoods remain a source of pride. We want our residents to know that we are working hard to make improvements in all of our neighborhoods.”
Last week, Mayor James unveiled Operation Clean Streets which aims to improve the quality of life for West Palm Beach residents by eliminating environmental hazards and waste that have been illegally disposed. When disposed improperly, these items may include landscaping and construction debris, household materials (sofas, mattresses and old furniture), and abandoned vehicles. As a part of Operation Clean Streets, the City has created a dedicated illegal dumping task force made up of environmental compliance, City code enforcement, and local, county and state law enforcement professionals.
Residents can participate in Operation Clean Streets. Individuals reporting acts of illegal dumping may be eligible for a $100 reward. To report incidents of illegal dumping that have already occurred, residents are asked to call (561) 822-2222. To report incidents of illegal dumping in progress, please call 911 or WPBPD Officer Momirovich at (561) 822-1900. Tipsters who provide a photo/video of the vehicle, its tag, and the person dumping may be eligible for the reward. The tipster must provide their name and phone number to claim the reward. This information will remain confidential.
Since the launch of Operation Clean Streets last week, the operation has led to the arrest of two individuals for illegal dumping and numerous illegal dumping tips.
For more information about the City of West Palm Beach, please visit: wpb.org.