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A listing of all road and dock closures in The City of West Palm Beach.

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Grassy Waters Preserve is a 23-square mile remnant of the Everglades that serves as the surface water supply for West Palm Beach.

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To see items coming up on agendas for future meetings, visit http://wpb.org
Below is a summary of some of the approvals and decisions made by the City Commission during a recent meeting. To view the entire pass/fail agenda, please visit: http://wpb.org/getattachment/Meetings-Events/Meetings/City-Administration/City-Commission-Meeting-11-5-18/11052018-CC-PASS-FAIL.pdf;.
The City Commission voted to approve resolution No. 281-18(F), which allocates $27,300 from the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority and the West Palm Beach Arts and Entertainment District. The funds will be put towards the continuation of the Mandel Public Library’s Art classes and lectures, known as “increMental-u”, for adults.
The City Commission voted to approve Resolution No. 301-18, which renews the lease between the City of West Palm Beach and Urban Growers Community Farm. The lease covers a city-owned parcel of land, which is located at 1400 Henrietta Avenue, and is used to provide sustainable farming education, job training, and fresh produce for local consumption.
The City Commission voted to approve Resolution No. 313-18, which approves a Special Event License Agreement with the Palm Beach County Motorcyclists Toys for Tots, Inc. The event, “Bills Memorial Toys for Tots Toy Run”, will be held at Dreher Park South on Sunday December 2nd, 2018 from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
The City Commission voted to approve Resolution No. 327-18, allowing an application submission for a 2018 National Urban and Community Forestry Grant in the quantity of $20,000. The grant will permit the City to complete an inventory of trees within city parks.
The City Commission voted to approve Resolution No. 325-18(F), which provides further allotments of $6,000 for the Westward Park Landscaping Project, dedicated to restoring the stormwater retention area. The project includes fence replacement, fountain repairs, park cleanups, landscape improvements, and canal cleanups.
The City Commission voted to approve Resolution No. 328-18, approving construction of 1,440 square foot storage building which is set to be completed by the Palm Beach Zoo. The Zoo will complete the storage unit within its leased property, located at 1301 Summit Boulevard. The Zoo will also authorize Mayor Muoio to complete an “Owner’s Consent Form” in order to submit an Informal Site Plan Review application by the Palm Beach Zoo to the Planning Division of the City’s Development Services Department.
The City Commission voted to approve Resolution No. 322-18(F), providing allotments of $155,000 from the Federal Law Enforcement Forfeiture Funds. The funds will permit the City to purchase specialized law enforcement equipment and will fund the use of investigative rental vehicles.
The City Commission voted to approve Resolution No. 326-18, permitting an application submission to the United States Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a Presidential Residence Protection Assistance Grant (PRPAG). The grant will reimburse overtime of operational law enforcement during the 2018 Fiscal Year, and will also cooperate with the United States Secret Service should the President and First Family visit and travel to and from their home in Palm Beach, Florida.
The City Commission voted to approve Resolution No. 298-18, which requests consent of the sign easement agreement for a directional replacement sign at 1600 Belvedere Road. The sign, which currently resides within restaurant Drive Shack’s property, will now be developed as an airport directional sign for the Palm Beach County Airport.
To see items coming up on agendas for future meetings, visit: http://www.wpb.org/Meetings-Events/City-Commission-Meeting-Agendas. To watch meetings live, please visit: http://www.wpb.org/News-Video/Live-Video-Ch-18/Live-Video-Ch-18-(Stream). To watch meetings on demand, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8I5opEq1KM8XVH3Rervmkw
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