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The Honorable Keith James 2020 "State of the City" Address


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Mayor Keith A. James Announces “300 in 3” Vision for Workforce/Affordable Housing Units

In line with Mayor’s vision of working to create a ‘Community of Opportunity for All,’ new initiative aims to create 300 workforce/affordable housing units in the City in three years.

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“We must continue to protect our water supply.
After the 2011 drought, as Mayor, I led the effort to make sure that the City would never see a repeat of what occurred, and after I instructed staff to hire the foremost experts in water supply, the City of West Palm Beach built a robust drought management plan with an investment of tens of millions of dollars. You can be assured this plan provides capabilities to survive a drought even more severe than what we encountered in 2011 while including capacity for future growth.
However, we’re now concerned about a proposal by the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers to lower the water levels in Lake Okeechobee by more than 2 ft. and what this means for our water supply serving 120,000 customers and millions of visitors. We’re also concerned about the adverse impacts to our natural wetlands systems including Grassy Waters Preserve.
The City of West Palm Beach looks forward to standing united with a broader coalition to ensure local concerns as well as good science are considered as we move forward. We’ve come too far to go backwards now.” – Jeri Muoio, Mayor