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Technology to Help Law Enforcement Fight Illegal Gunfire
WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (August 14, 2018) -- The City of West Palm Beach Police Department announced that it is implementing ShotSpotter technology across 4.6 square miles of the City to help fight illegal gun crime. ShotSpotter is the leading public safety solution for gunfire detection, location and alerts on illegal gun crime. ShotSpotter real-time alerts will notify police of precisely when and where gun incidents occur so that officers can respond faster and more cautiously to recover evidence such as shell casings or guns, interview witnesses, and ensure timely medical attention for any gunshot victims. The overall goal is to reduce gun violence, improve community safety, and save lives.  
The ShotSpotter technology is a series of audio sensors deployed atop light posts and buildings. When a gunshot goes off, the sensors triangulate the sound and pinpoint the number of shots fired and the location. ShotSpotter-trained acoustic experts review and qualify all gunfire incidents and alert law enforcement immediately-- all within a minute, and usually within 30-seconds, of the gunshot occurring.
West Palm Beach Police Chief Sarah Mooney has announced the creation of the Real Time Crime Center which will be ready October 1, 2018. The ShotSpotter technology will be a key tool in the Crime Center’s crimefighting arsenal.
“Implementing and adding ShotSpotter to our Real Time Crime Center will help us to not only solve crime but also save lives by interrupting the gun cycle, rendering aid to victims, and tracking the most affected areas of gun crime,” said West Palm Beach Police Chief Sarah J. Mooney.
ShotSpotter will help the West Palm Beach Police Department move away from a reactive response to gunfire calls and toward a more proactive response. ShotSpotter will instantly notify officers of gunshot crimes in progress, and real-time data will be delivered to dispatch centers and patrol cars. Precise gunfire incident information will allow our officers to make informed decisions for faster emergency response, while also improving actionable intelligence and increasing first responders’ safety.
“We want our residents to know their safety and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us and that our police department is working hard to reduce crime and keep our community safe,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio. “We believe ShotSpotter can play a big role in this, and we anticipate that we—and our residents—will see positive results in due time.”
Ultimately, ShotSpotter gunfire data will enable police to improve evidence collection, prosecution, and overall police effectiveness. ShotSpotter is expected to be deployed the week of October 1, 2018.
The City of West Palm Beach Police Department is committed to the reduction of illegal gun use and the agency’s initiative to combat gun violence in our community. The mission and commitment of the West Palm Beach Police Department is to protect residents’ quality of life by creating an environment of enhanced safety and security.

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