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WPB Announces 2020 Schedule for Neighborhood Meetings with the Mayor

The City of West Palm Beach announces the dates for 2020 Neighborhood Meetings with Mayor Keith A. James.

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Hitting A Home Run for WPB: Project EverGreen and STMA Help Renovate Field at Howard Park


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West Palm Beach Homicide Rate Declined 29% in 2019
Mayor Keith James and West Palm Beach Police Department Chief Frank Adderley announce a 29% year over year decline in the City's 2019 homicide rate.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (January 10, 2020) – In keeping with West Palm Beach Mayor Keith A. James’ promise to residents that public safety is Priority #1, Mayor and West Palm Beach Police Department (WPBPD) Chief Frank Adderley announce a 29% year over year decline in the City’s 2019 homicide rate. West Palm Beach reports 19 homicides in 2019 and, previously, reported 27 homicides in 2018. 

“No matter what part of our city they may be in, West Palm Beach residents and visitors deserve to feel safe,” said Mayor Keith A. James. “We are pleased to see a reduction in our city’s homicide rate. We believe this trend will continue. Residents should know their safety will always be my top priority. I am appreciative of the efforts of Chief Adderley and the outstanding work of the West Palm Beach Police Department.”

With the appointment of Chief Adderley in June 2019, WPBPD quickly implemented or expanded various practices to address violent crime and homicides throughout the city. Joined by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, WPBPD partnered with federal, state and local agencies to establish Operation First 48, a violent crimes task force designed to recover illegal firearms and to address gang activity and other acts of violence.

Additionally, WPBPD is adopting new and innovative technologies with which to address crime. The City’s Real Time Crime Center includes the use of ShotSpotter, a technology that uses microphones to alert police when and where gunshots or explosions occur. The program works by triangulating the general location of where the gunshot signaled, creating a perimeter of about 20 meters. ShotSpotter is so efficient that law enforcement is often alerted before a 911 call is received. License plate readers have also been essential to reducing crime throughout the City. Officers are able to closely monitor traffic incidents as they happen. The license plate readers have also helped in missing persons cases and other investigative efforts.

Most importantly, Chief Adderley and WPBPD have continually encouraged residents to work with the department and play a role in the safety of their community. WPBPD has greatly expanded community engagement and education efforts in hopes of fostering open communication between law enforcement and West Palm Beach residents.

“I am so proud of everyone at the West Palm Beach Police Department for the commitment they have demonstrated to keeping our city safe,” said Chief Frank Adderley. “Most importantly, we are thrilled that so many community members have stepped up to help create a more secure city.”

For more information on the West Palm Beach Police Department, visit https://wpb.org/Departments/Police-Department/Home .