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Sculpting begins for City of West Palm Beach's World Famous Holiday Sand Tree

Visitors are invited to watch as "Sandi" begins to take shape.

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West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James Honors Sanitation Employees with the City’s STAR Award

Mayor James honors employees for their recent display of bravery and quick-thinking.

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West Palm Beach to Establish City’s First “Food Forest”
+100 Volunteers Join City Effort to Plant, Provide Fresh, Nutritous Food for Area Residents
WHO:                  City of West Palm Beach, Department of Sustainability
                            +100 Volunteers
                           Michael Rittenhouse, City of WPB Sustainability Program Coordinator
WHAT:                A hands-on planting event to establish the City’s first “Food Forest.”
                           Representatives from the City of West Palm Beach, joined by +100 volunteers, will gather to                               roll up their sleeves for a hands-on planting event to establish the City’s first “Food Forest.”
                           Food forests are well-maintained spaces planted with fruits and vegetables, often set in urban                             locations. The “Food Forest at Henrietta Bridge Farm,” located in the Historic Northwest                                      Neighborhood, is being established to provide fresh, nutritious food for the people who live                                  nearby. 
VISUALS:         Participants will plant fruit trees and vegetables. They will also prepare the site for future                                      plantings.
WHERE:               1400 Henrietta Ave (Adjacent to Henrietta Bridge Farm)
WHEN:                 Saturday, October 26, 2019; 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
                            Michael Rittenhouse, Sustainability Program Coordinator, (561) 804-4993
ABOUT:              The City of West Palm Beach has an ongoing goal of planting 10,000 trees around its                                         neighborhoods by 2025. The program, which began in 2015, includes educational programs                               and scheduled giveaways of small trees that will contribute to the City’s tree canopy. Learn                                more about the program as well as review the City’s urban tree management program at                                      http://www.wpb.org/10ktrees.